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Ellie Bryom

"I have worked with many professional's in Dennis' field or related fields including highly recommended Phd's, with many credentials, in business and personal life. Not one of them delivered results like Dennis. Dennis enabled me to produce real time immediate and lasting results. I learned more in one, 1 hour initial session with Dennis then I did in a year of working with any other professional in Dennis's field. I was skeptical and not sure what to expect when I first met with Dennis. But I could see half way through my first meeting, that he had more insight and actionable recomendations that produced results then any other consultant, coach, counselor, etc, then I have ever engaged."
- Matt Phayre, West Chester, PA
"Wow. Dennis, the past two weeks since you did that NLP technique on me have been amazing. I've had an incredible sense of calmness and peace; blessings that are an answer to prayer I've had for a long time. Stressors aren't gone, but my reaction to them is so much different... much more physically, mentally and spiritually healthy a response. I feel like I hold issues in better perspective and, best of all, I feel a sense of calmness that I've not had in many years. That nearly continual feeling of being overwhelmed with weights on my shoulders, treading because I couldn't move forward and the resulting "scattered" conversations I'd have when trying to convey whatever was going on are things of the past. I'm so grateful that you're that you chose to incorporate life coaching into your business. There are few places people can go to help improve their body, mind and spirit. Thank you!"
- Marie Hutson, Homemaker, West Chester, PA
"I was sitting at my desk quietly working and I had an overwhelming feeling of contentment. At first it was very odd and uncertain. As I allowed the feeling to expand I knew and realized that I am okay. I am enough. What a feeling of love and certainty this has brought into my life. Thank you so much."
- Jim Macera, Mortgage Consultant, Chadds Ford, PA
"Going through life coaching sessions with Dennis was one of the most beneficial experiences of my life. I have proudly been a part of many seminars he has put on, and have also seen first hand the amazing results he helps people achieve. I cannot recommend Dennis' life coaching program enough!"
- Nick Primavera, Fitness Coach, West Chester, PA
"Dennis is effective at getting to the core of a distraction in living your life purpose and helping you remove it or reframe it for positive service to the world. His Life Coaching Skills are by far some of the best I've seen, and moreover his heart for helping people is limitless."
- Paul Manieri, Entrepreneurial Coach, Wilmington, DE